Results Demand Action

You know what I’ve discovered? In order to make progress at anything, you actually have to take action. Wanting to do something, wanting to accomplish something, wanting to be better, all of the ambition in the word do you no good unless you take action. Radical I know.

1. In order for me to finish school I actually need to do the work and get it done. Aspiring to be a good student does not complete my papers for me.
2. To get in better shape, I have to get to the gym and work out. Wanting to be in better shape does nothing to get me closer to my goal.
3. Being healthier actually requires eating better food, not just thinking about eating better food. Reading about eating well does not improve the quality of the food I eat.

These are not difficult concepts and yet I struggle with accepting them as fact.

Results demand action.

Great results demand bold action.

Mediocrity demands nothing and gives nothing.

I don’t want to be mediocre anymore.


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