Day 6, 7, 8…

…of 21.

Day 6 brought a non-running day and super busy day at work.  Instead of being able to a normal YMCA workout of some kind, time forced me to take a different route.  Being that I work in a 50+ story building, I have no shortage of stairs to climb and I took advantage of that by putting in 20 minutes going up.  Good workout and a nice change of pace.

Day 7 was another non-traditional workout.  I was planning on running at the fire station after our evening training, but a evening fire in Oakdale changed those plans and I spent most of the evening moving hose and working on a ladder company.  This proved to be a solid workout for the night… Here’s some video:

Oakdale Town Home Fire Video

Day 8 allowed me to make it back to the gym and treadmill.  In an effort to find some more speed in my running I changed up my standard treadmill run for something a little different.  Here is what I did – rather than a run focused on distance I instead focused on time and effort. I started at 6 mph on the treadmill (10:00 min miles) and each minute for 10 minutes went up .1 mph finishing at 6.9 mph – after the 10:00 minutes, I reset back down to 6.0 and started working back up again.  Doing this allowed me to average a 9:19 pace for the 30:00 minutes and finish 3.22 miles – this is a big improvement over past efforts.  This was hard but doable.



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