Where’s the water from?

Leaving the water stationI’ve run quite a few races, but never really stopped to think, “Where does the water at the water stations come from?”

After reading this article, Las Vegas marathon runners say they were sickened, from the Las Vegas Review-Journal, I will most likely give it more thought next time.  It doesn’t sound pleasant.  Give the article a read for more of the gory details, there seemed to be lots of issues with bodily fluids after consuming water at the water stations.

I guess I’ve been lucky, I’ve never had any issues with water quality in the races I’ve run.  Still, it begs the question – who supervises the conditions the beverages (water or other) are portioned out?  Is there any kind of sanitation monitor to ensure that hands are washed, containers cleaned, and utensils sanitized?  Do runners need to start bringing their own water to organized races?


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