Back to the basics…

For a while I’ve wanted to get back to writing more and spending a little more time and effort on my blog.  I’ve tried all sorts of different things. I used to host my own WordPress blog but I found I spent more time keeping the software up to date than I did actually writing and while the technical stuff was fun,  after a while I got tired of it.  I also tried Joomla for a bit and that proved even more time consuming and frustrating.  After a while I move the site over to which was OK but I never really like it too well.  So, at any rate here I am back at WordPress – only this time I’m letting WordPress host it – seem much simpler.

As for content, I’m going back to writing about what I wrote when people actually read this blog (at one point I did have a fairly good base of readers, not anymore) – running, health, fitness, family, and life in general.  Some may be interested, some may not.  Bottom-line, I just want to write again and enjoy sharing with everyone what I am doing. I may occasionally post some video or re-post something interesting I find out on the internet.



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