Things went swimmingly…

Being that yesterday was a rest day, today kicked off the actual workouts for my triathlon aspirations. My first workout was a swim workout and, while I have been swimming on and off for a while, it was a challenging and satisfying workout. Here are the details:

200 Swim – 200 Kick – 200 Pull

4 x 300 @ below 70% with :30 rest

Concentrate on being relaxed in the water and getting the “feel” of your stroke. Speed is not important here. Your stroke count should be even every lap of every repeat.

200 easy swim, continuous

Overall, not a bad workout – 2000 yards. It said it was supposed to take 45 minutes, it actually took a little less than that.

Tomorrow brings and hour and 15 minutes on the bike. We’ll see how that goes…

Bye for now…



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