7 long days…

…since my last run. 

Tomorrow I start to rebuild my training base.  I’ve taken the last week off in an effort to get over a cold that turned in to a sinus infection, to which I added pink eye over the weekend.  I’m still seriously congested, but I’m least starting to feel a little better and I’m sleeping fairly well. 

Overall, this past winter and the current spring have been the worst – weather wise – I have seen.  During the winter, if it wasn’t snowing – which it was most of the time – it was cold, cold cold.  Once winter was finally over, we got more snow – heavy, wet, spring snow. Seriously no fun.  Finally, the snow stops and then the rain, wind, tornados, and blustery weather kick in to place.   Today was Memorial Day and it was supposed to be nice – sunny, mid 70’s – NOPE.  It was cloudy, cold, and windy.  I don’t think it got much over 60 degrees.  Very stinky.

I spent most of today in the backyard working on a seriously over engineered set of stairs for my kid’s swing set.  The old ladder was in bad shape and needed to be replaced. Rather than simply building a new ladder, I built a super-duper, heavy-duty, deck quality stairway.  It looks good, and works great.  I also shored up some of the supports on the overall play structure and basically made the thing bomb proof.  I now have the best swing-set stairway in Woodbury.  Of course, Jen say’s it needs a handrail…

Until next time.


One thought on “7 long days…

  1. Hello Aaron, I am a two time Olympic Norwegian runner that saw your blog in the list at Completerunning. Do you have Norwegian/Scandinavian ancestors, looking at your name ?For winter workouts/early spring, when the weather is like that, one thing you may consider is sticking to the treadmill for most of the runs. In the harsh Norwegian winters, I do all my quality runs on the treadmill with excellent results. Treadmill running is quite underestimated – when compared to outdoor running I have personally found it as effective if not even more..Keep up the good work & good luck with your future running. Regards from Norway.

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