Double your pleasure…

I was able to make up for my missed effort yesterday by squeezing in two runs today!

Started the day with a nice run this morning, the weather was great and I headed out the door at 5:05 am.  Nice and cool, got to see the sunrise, and overall had a nice, easy, feel-good run.  Here are the details:

  • Distance: 4.48 miles
  • Time: 43:34
  • Pace: 9:41 min/mi
  • Calories: 624

At lunch, I was also able to sneak away and get in the 3 miles that I had scheduled for today.  Stuck to the treadmill because I was limited on time, but it still felt good to get in a short run.  It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten to go to the gym during my lunch hour.  Here are the details from that run:

  • Distance: 3.02 miles
  • Time: 28:41
  • Pace:9:27 min/mi
  • Calories: 421

My pace lately is a little slower than what I had been running, but I’m OK with that, it will get better as my fitness improves and my body gets more used to running.  I have a lot of training ahead of me and I don’t want to push things to hard and end up injured.




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