Small victory…

Today I managed to get up a little early and go out for a run.  Here are the details from the iPod/Nike+ dohickey:

  • Distance: 3.24 miles
  • Time: 29:37
  • Pace: 9:07 min/mi
  • Calories: 451

I really felt the fact that I haven’t really run in about 2 weeks – it was harder than I anticipated.  In a week or two, I’m sure I’ll be right back in the swing of things and feeling good again.

I also officially started my marathon training plan for the Twin Cities

Marathon.  I’m following a pretty straight forward plan from Hal Higdon,  which I think will work fairly well.  I think if I just get the miles in and stick with the plan, I’ll do well and be able to finish strong.  I actually had to modify the plan just a little because I’m starting training 20 weeks out rather than 18 – so I just added 2 weeks up front. 

So, I’m off to a good start and I plan on keeping it up!




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