Training Started…


What a great way to start the weekend.  Today I actually made it to the gym, although not in the morning, I had to wait until this afternoon.  But, my morning was still productive – I was able to rake the leaves in the yard, I still have the front yard to do tomorrow, but at least I got the back yard done.  At any rate, I ran 5 miles in a little over 45 minutes – about 900 calories down the drain…

Also, on a more philosophical note, I think today I finally realized the impact that fitness and running has on my life.  For the last two or three weeks I have felt overwhelmed with work, fire department, family commitments, and school.  Nothing has really seemed to be easy, everything has been complicated, I’ve been frustrated, easily angered, and probably difficult to be around.  Additionally, because I’ve felt so busy at work and in life, my workouts have been the first thing to go.  Lately, I seem to always find some reason NOT to workout, rather than finding some way TO workout.  That needs to change because today, while I was running, I realized that my workouts are the one thing that really help me keep my focus and drive.  Without them, it seems everything else kind of falls apart – or at least becomes more difficult.

So, with that, I’m going to bring consistency back to my running.  I’m going to find time and make it a priority.  I think I’ll find out that lots of other stuff in my life falls in place a little easier too…

Finally, you may have noticed that my blog has changed a little bit.  The old format looked really nice in FireFox, but really cruddy in Internet Explorer and I didn’t really have time to fix it, so I retreated to this very simple template for now.  I’d like to put my own template together, I think it would be a fun project.  Maybe someday, but for now you’re stuck with this…




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