The last four weeks…

Its been quite a while since I’ve posted here and for that I’m sorry.  I know my Dad checks in regularly and is always interested in what is going on – so, HI DAD! 

With that, here is a brief update…

On October 7th I attempted to run the Twin Cities Marathon – I made it through mile 12 and  then dropped out.  As most of you know, the weather that day was miserable, 75 degrees at the start with high humidity to boot.  I started with the 3:50 pace group and ran the first mile well (in about 8:20 or so) and I was feeling pretty good.  It all went downhill from there.  I fell off that pace pretty quickly(even though just three weeks earlier I had run a 20 mile run at about that pace with limited issues) and just started feeling really fatigued and tired.  Too tired and too fatigued, too early in a 26.2 mile run. Around mile 7 or 8 I started cramping up – both stomach and legs – and I was having difficulty keeping fluids down. By mile 12 I was pretty sick, defeated, and dehydrated, so I made the tough call to drop out.

Not fun.  In the end I think I made the right decision.  I may have been able to finish, but at what cost?  There’s always next year… I guess I’ll start training NOW!

A little over a week ago (October 28th) I ran a 5K in Lake Elmo.  It was so much fun! The course was entirely on grass and dirt trails, so I guess this qualifies as my first “Cross Country” event.  It was very challenging, but also very enjoyable.  I didn’t PR, but with the up and down nature of the course, I wasn’t really planning on it. 

Here are my results from the run:

Finish Time: 25:17
Pace: 8:08
Overall finish: 28 (out of 196)
Age Group finish (M30): 3 (out of 23)

Overall, I think it was a good run and I did my best.  It felt good to get back on out there after the disappointing results of the Twin Cities Marathon.

Now, I need to get back in the gym, on the road, or out the door again.  It’s been a few weeks since I’ve really worked out and while I’ve spent some time in the pool, I’ve put on a few pounds.  I miss the feeling of a hard workout and the accomplishment of a good run.  It has felt good to have a little time off, but I’m ready to get back to it.

Until later…


Three hundred and some odd days until the Twin Cities Marathon… 🙂

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