10 and swimming…

Any of you read my blog on occasion know that I have been using swimming as some solid cross-training this summer.  I haven’t been in the pool as much as I would have liked, and I have missed a lot of opportunities, but even so I feel it has really improved my overall fitness. 

Today was a great workout. 

In September, October, November, and December the group of Master swimmers that swim daily at lunch at the Downtown YMCA do a series of progressive 100’s.  In September (today) we did 25 x 100 on 1:30 – I had to use flippers for most of them to keep up, but I made all 25.  Next month (October) is 30 x 100, November brings 35 x 100 and December culminates with 40 x 100.

Today I was just happy to finish all 25, hopefully by next months set I’ll have a few more laps under my belt and able to complete the set without fins.  Or at least more without fins…

At any rate it was fun and I’m looking forward to more time in the water once the marathon is done.

Random Picture of the Day (an OLD one today)


Can anyone guess where this picture was taken? Who is that cute baby?

Only 10 day until the Twin Cities Marathon!


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