20 days and 20 miles…

Wow, it’s been over two weeks since my last update.  Things have been a little crazy at work lately, but it looks like they might slow down a little bit now moving into the last three weeks of marathon training – a really good thing.  My mileage has been really inconsistent, but I’ve been feeling pretty good. No ailments or nagging pains.

Here is an update on a few of my longer runs in past couple of weeks:

On Monday September 3rd (Labor Day) I met a group of runners from Capella in St. Paul and ran the last 7 miles of the Twin Cities Marathon course out and back for a total run of 14 mile.  I averaged around a 9:20 pace – not great, but not bad – but I was struck with a bout of stomach problems at about mile 12.  Lucky for me there was a grocery store with a bathroom close by…

Here is the course we ran:

Summit 14 Mile Out & Back
Find more Runs in St Paul, Minnesota

Last Sunday (September 9th) I ran about 13.5 miles and felt pretty  good.  It wasn’t the distance I was really looking for (I should have been running about 16 – 20 miles), but I felt pretty good despite the cold windy day. No stomach problems in this run, but I didn’t drink ANYTHING either. Is that good or bad? I’m not sure yet.

Here is my route:

Aaron’s Markgrafs & Powers Lake Loop
Find more Runs in Woodbury, Minnesota

Bear Water Run – 2007 – 20 Mile

date: Sep 15th, 2007

location: White Bear Lake, MN

Finally, Saturday I ran a 20 mile run in White Bear Lake.  You can see a course map and stuff here.  Here are my splits, keep in mind that this is a two lap run so mile 1 is the same as mile 11, mile 5 is the same as 15:

Lap 1 Lap 2
Mile Split Mile Split
1 9:33.61 11 8:44.47
2 8:56.51 12 8:42.94
3 8:57.10 13 8:49.95
4 8:45.41 14 8:45.57
5 8:36.06 15 8:45.52
6 8:48.97 16 8:58.76
7 8:43.98 17 9:30.52
8 8:45.27 18 9:33.00
9 8:56.70 19 10:37.08
10 9:00.20 20 9:40.42


Here are the details from www.onlineraceresults.com:



number of finishers: 650

number of females: 330

number of males: 319

average time: 03:05:06

Aaron Engelsrud

bib number: 227

age: 34

gender: M

location: Woodbury, MN

overall place: 346 out of 650

division place: 62 out of 96

gender place: 212 out of 321

time: 3:04:03

pace: 9:13

10 mile: 1:29:05

gun time : 3:04:55


As you can see, overall I had a really good run.  I feel like I executed my race plan perfectly, I wanted to keep my overall pace between 8:30 and 9:00 and stay comfortable.  I was able, for the most part, to do that.   My goal was to finish in under 3 hours.  That would have put me on pace for a sub 4 hour marathon – which is my goal for this years Twin Cities Marathon.  Everything went well with the exception of one little problem…

If you look at my splits, I was doing great – very consistent – even a little faster the second lap around.  Then the s*%t hit the proverbial fan.  Gastro-intestinal difficulties. I needed a bathroom. I spent miles 17, 18, and part of 19 in a desperate search for suitable facilities.  I even contemplated using the woods or taking a dip in the lake – I was uncomfortable. Needless to say, it slowed me down quite a bit.  If you look at the last 4 miles of the run (mile 16 is where I started to feel some twinges of discomfort) and set those last four mile back to the pace I’d been maintaining,I have been in about a full 5 minutes sooner. 

I’ve done a little research and I think I can find a way to avoid this problem going forward, in the next few weeks I’m going to try a few things and see if they help.

Less than 3 weeks to go…



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