51 to go and back in the groove…

Good workout – I had today off from work, so that necessitated switching up my schedule a little. Work has been killing me, so I was behind this week, so I did the tempo run today – I’ll do speed work tomorrow, with a 20 miler on Sunday. Also, Saturday is hose testing day at the fire department, so that should be good cross training.

Here is Thursday’s run:

1 mile easy @ 9:22
4 miles @ mid tempo 8:00
1 mile easy @ 9:22

This was a good run for me, I felt pretty solid throughout. It was, however, very HOT!

Here is the workout from Friday:

10 minute warm up – 1 mile
1 mile @ 7:15 pace
2 miles @ 7:30 pace
2 * 800 @ 3:29 pace
10 minute cool down – 1 mile

1 mile – 7:11.51
2 miles – 14:54.78
#1 800 – 3:24.97
#2 800 – 3:22.07

Once again, I felt really good. These speed workouts are my favorite, I really feel good running them and I’m able to be very consistent.

I have the Woodbury Country Mile 1/2 Marathon next weekend, I’m really looking forward to seeing my results.

Good luck!

51 days to the Twin Cities Marathon.


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