58 and counting, correctly this time…

Yesterday was a swim day – nothing remarkable. I didn’t swim too long, I wasn’t feeling great. I got in about 1500 yards or so.

Here’s todays workout:

2 miles easy (9:22 pace)
3 miles short tempo pace (7:30 pace)
1 mile easy (9:22 pace)

This was a solid effort for me. My short tempo pace by my chart is 7:48, but I was feeling pretty good today so I pushed it a little harder and went to 7:30. I would say this is about the fastest I can run any significant distance – anything over a mile or so. My time in training today would have been a little faster then my 5K PR. Nice.

I’m looking forward to the half marathon in Woodbury on August 26th. That’ll be the true test of my training over the past few months and give me a better idea of where I stand for the marathon in October.

58 days to the Twin Cities Marathon. I miscounted in my last post, this is correct today.



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