Today felt great. I had a really solid run – 13 miles. Per my training schedule, it was supposed to be at about a pace of 8:55 – I actually finished the run at about an 8:45 pace, just short of my target marathon pace of 8:40. The entire run was a nice and easy, conversational pace. Truly, this felt like on of my best runs to date.

Here is the route:

My pace was consistent from beginning to end. I finished the first 6.5 miles in 56:51.10, the second 6.5 in 57:55.79 for a total time of 1:54:46.89.

Also, I had two new toys today. First, my wife was nice enough to go out Friday and buy me this:

4 Flask Fuel Belt

I have to tell you – this worked great. I was able to bring along my cell phone, for use in case of an emergency. Plus, I was able to carry both Gatorade and water. Really super nice. (Thanks Jen!)

Second, I got a new pair of CW-X Pro Shorts yesterday and tried them out. Here they are:

CW-X Men’s Pro Shorts

They too were comfortable and worked perfectly.

What a great weekend!




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