No blood, no tears, but a whole lotta sweat…

Today was a great day. My lunch time workout was exceptional and I feel great! On today’s schedule was a 5 mile tempo run at mid-tempo pace (8:03 per mile by my pace chart). I knocked it out of the park! I started by running 8 min pace and picked it up a little for the last mile or so, bringing my total time to 39:54 – for 5 miles! Sub 8 minute mile pace – for 5 miles!

I’ve never run this fast nor felt this good. The cross training (mainly swimming with the masters group at the YMCA downtown), coupled with the targeted runs, is really paying off big time. I think this training plan is going to really set me up for a great Marathon in October.

Now I just need to focus more on my longs runs. My vacation last week cost me some mileage, and I’m working out how to get back what I lost while I was gone. Otherwise I feel great and I think things are going great!



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