The air is thin up here… Engelsrud Vacation Part 2

This is the second an final post describing our recent family vacation to Denver, Colorado. If you haven read the first part, read it here.


Once again, bright and early, we headed up to the mountains. This time our destination was due west, right up the interstate to the Argo Gold Mine for a tour. I was abit skeptical, but it proved to be a ton of fun. We got a brief overview of the history of the mine and then were left to go on a self guided tour of the site. We went in a mine…


…and then we went through the old gold processing mill. This is where they take the rock they take out of the mountain, treat it with arsenic and other chemicals, and extract the gold. The process takes a lot of work and is very interesting…


Once we worked our way through the entire mill, we all learned how to pan for gold and actually found some! The boys had a blast playing in the water and sand.

After the mill, we moved on to lunch at Beau Joe’s Pizza in Idaho Springs (this is a Colorado classic, if you are there, you have to go – it’s a rule.) After lunch, we drove up Loveland Pass and stopped at the top to show the kids the Continental Divide. The weather was great and the pass was beautiful…


After that, it was down to Dillion and then back to the Hotel for some swimming and bed. Overall, a really nice day.


Our last full day in Denver and we took the light rail downtown. It was a nice way to get downtown, the kids really liked the train ride and it was easy and fast. We basically walked up and down the 16th street mall, did a little shopping, and had lunch at Wynkoop in LoDo.


We finished the day by heading back to the hotel and swimming for a couple of hours. The boys met two other boys there and together they all had a great time…


Later that night we headed back to Jim and Joanne’s for dinner which once again proved to be a nice night. We walked to a different park and the boys were able to play more and just have fun. What a great way to end our week…

Friday & Saturday

Travel back to Woodbury. A long, long, long, long, long drive. Once again a stop over in Omaha and the home. Two long days of driving. All in all, the boys took it very well and cooperated. We really had a lot of fun!


One thought on “The air is thin up here… Engelsrud Vacation Part 2

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed Denver. I live in Denver so when I go on vacation (specifically when I run on vacation) I always notice that there is a lot more air to breathe.

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