Back on the saddle…

I swam with the boys at the YMCA Downtown on Monday and Tuesday – 2800 and 2700 yards respectively. Today I ran – its been a long time (a week off because of our vacation) and man was it fun and it felt great to be running again!

Here is what I did today:

10 minute warm-up
2 x 1200 (2 min RI, 5:20 pace)
4 x 800 (2 min RI, 3:29 pace)
10 minute cooldown

1 – 4:54.03
2 – 4:56.39

1 – 3:17.81
2 – 3:38.44 (fell off pace a bit)
3 – 3:29.79 (got back on pace)
4 – 3:21.82 (under pace again)

This proved to be a pretty challenging workout. I think my time off (vacation last week) plus starting fast on the 1200’s hurt me later on in the 800’s. I was able to push through and get back on pace, so that’s a good thing. Overall, it just felt great to be running again after a long break…




One thought on “Back on the saddle…

  1. Aaron, Sounded like a nice trip to CO! So, when are you going to do a triathlon? You seem to have 2 of the 3 covered!Hope all is well…

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