We nearly melted… Engelsrud Vacation Part 1

Well, our family vacation to Denver was a blast! Everyone had a good time, we put 2500 miles on the old wagon family truckster, and we got to do pretty much everything we wanted to do. Here is a brief overview, day by day:

Saturday & Sunday

Both of these days were spent in transit. Saturday night we stopped at lovely (read, “dirty and stinky”) Super 8 in Omaha, NE. We spent the few free hours we had before bed walking aimlessly around a Super Wal-Mart because, evidently, Omaha does not believe in public parks.

Sunday night we rolled in to Denver around 5:30 or so and checked in to our very nice, clean, and new Holiday Inn Express in Engelwood, CO – just slightly south of Denver. We went out for dinner, got some groceries, and went back to the hotel for some swimming and hot tubbing.


Let the fun begin indeed. Monday morning we set out and headed over to the University of Denver to meet up with some friends from when we lived in Denver. Not much had changed at the University and it was really good to see everyone.

After visiting for an hour or so, we moved on to the Denver zoo. Here is a picture from the zoo:


We spent about 3 hours at the zoo, walking around in nearly 100 degree temps, so by early afternoon we were ready to move on and hopefully cool down. We left the zoo, abandoned our plan to have a picnic (too HOT) and hit the local Kentucky Fried Chicken. After lunch, we headed to Golden for a tour of the Coors Brewery. I know, this was more for Jen and I then the kids – but man, the beer was GREAT!

After Coors, there was dinner and more swimming in the hotel pool. Fun day!


Tuesday was a very busy day! We got up early (as we did almost every day) and headed down to Colorado Springs. Once we got there, we went first to the Cave of the Winds and took the tour. David was terrified to start with, but was able to overcome his fears and have good time in the cave afterall. He was convinced that the cave was going to fall in on top of all of us…


After Cave of the Winds, we drove up to the top of Pikes Peak. We had planned on taking the train, but little did we know that you need to actually plan ahead and make reservations for such an excursion. We improvised and drove instead (and saved ourselves about $100). We stopped and had a picnic lunch on the way up at a lake along the road. The drive up was nice except for the last two or three miles where I think everyone was suffering from altitude sickness or delirium or something – everything got a little crazy. There was yelling, the kids were screaming, and I almost had to walk my butt down the Pike’s Peak highway.


After Pike’s Peak, we headed through Garden of the Gods and then back to Denver for dinner with our friends, Jim and Joanne. Dinner, was great! We walked to a little park after dinner, the boys got to play, and we got to talk to other adults. Nice. It was late by the time we left, so no swimming in the hotel pool – just right to bed.

More to follow in Part 2…


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