Change of Pace… (26 of 30)

I’m going to get to post 30 if it kills me…

Update #1: After some thought, and getting seriously behind in week 1 (of 6) I dropped my MBA course for this session.  I’ll pick up the same course starting in the first week of July.  I needed to do this for so many reasons, but mainly it will allow me to spend more time concentrating on important things like family time, running, writing, family time, fire department stuff, and family time. I really feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  I know this was the right decision at the right time.

Update #2: I have been putting off so many projects around the house lately, but this weekend we have been able to make some real progress in the yard work arena.  We got a big dumpster delivered on Friday and promptly started filling it up.  Yesterday (Saturday) and today, we spent most of our efforts in the front yard trimming trees, bushes, and shrubs.  Along with all the trimming and pruning, we also made great strides in our front flower bed.  This has been a complete mess since we bought the house 3 years ago and now, after two summers of renovation and hard work, it is getting close to being in decent shape.  Jen has dug out (by hand) layer after layer after layer of wood chips, rock, more rock, big rocks, and a layer of plastic from the entire flower bed.  She really deserve all the credit for the transformation. Today we even put in some new dirt! It’s really starting to come together and look great!

Tomorrow, we are going to spend the day cleaning up the side of the house.  We will be loading the dumpster with all of the debris from our construction projects over the last two years.  We have a few doors, lots of old trim, a big pile of dirt, and random odds and ends to  get rid of once and for all.  Additionally, we are going to spend some time in the garage – sorting and trowing out as much as possible.  We have needed this spring cleaning for a couple of springs! Fianally, if there is time I’d like to trim the big pine trees in the back yard.

Update #3: Last year, when I trained for the Twin Cities Marathon, I followed a program – one of many like it I’m sure.  There was nothing really special about what I did or how I did it, I ran 5 to 6  days a week and put in a certain number of miles each week.  I ran my long runs on Sunday morning and got up to a max of a 20 mile run a month or so prior to the Marathon.  It worked, more or less, I finished and didn’t have to crawl home.  But I really felt like with a better training program and a little more dedication on my part I could have done much, much better. With that I have decided to totally change my training plan for 2007.  I had a pretty standard Hal Higdon Plan ready to go, but I started reading about a new plan called the FIRST training method. As of today, I’m 3 weeks and counting to the start of the 16 week marathon program.  The race I ran today (5K, 23:19) will help me set the paces for most of the runs in the program.  I’ll post more about it in the coming weeks…

Keep running…



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