I should be committed… (25 of 30)

Funny thing about time… I started this post a week month ago, with the best of intentions to finish it and get it up.  How ironic that a post about being committed to something is also the post that I delay writing the longest and actually last post I started before really breaking my commitment to writing daily.  I was doing really well up till this point and then everything fell apart. 

Everything has been suffering lately because of my lack of motivation. 

  • MBA – While I have been keeping up with school lately, I don’t feel like I’ve been giving it my best effort – I’ve just been doing enough to get by. 
  • Yard work – let’s not even talk about that, I’m sure my neighbors hate me and my weed infested patch of land.
  • Running – sporadic at best.  
  • Fire Department – while I have made progress on the web portal project, other things have suffered – including responding to calls. 
  • Home Projects – I have a list a mile long and have yet to complete any of them.
  • My Blog – clearly (this being my first post in a month) I’m not writing as much as I’d like to
  • Complete Running –  Possibly my biggest failure.  What a great bunch of people and I feel like I have completely let them down over the last few weeks.  I was able to get the forum up and running, but haven’t really had much to contribute outside of that.

I did run the TC 1 Mile last week and I feel like I did fairly well.  I ran a 6:38, probably the fastest I’ve ever run a mile in my life.  I need to find a way to get my motivation back and really build some excitement in what I am doing.  I am registered for the Twin Cities Marathon in October, so training for that will begin soon. I need to get things together before my marathon training cycle starts so I can really perform well.



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3 thoughts on “I should be committed… (25 of 30)

  1. Good grief! Don’t feel that way, Aaron! You have NOT let us down! Just take care of yourself and contribute when you CAN. ok? 🙂

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