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After a few months hiatus, I am once again writing for  I really love working with my co-authors at Compete Running – they are such a positive, energentic bunch – they make everything fun and interesting. I honestly count myself very lucky to be part of something so exciting.  Complete Running is truly a place for runners of all ages and abilities to come and become part of a large running community.  With that, here is a taste of my article over at Complete Running:

There is a new – or at least a totally redesigned – player in the route mapping website space. has been online for quite sometime but has just recently released a new and improved beta site.  Route mapping sites have become an essential part of  my training plan and I think – after a brief review – that this is my new favorite.  This site features vastly improved functionality over the old version and other route mapping applications.  It features great running specific features that will keep you coming back to the site for more than just mapping a run.  

You can read the rest of this article HERE.

Also, lucky for me – and I hope for all of you too – I get to write an article every week.  My new feature is the ‘Site of the Week’ – so if YOU have a site you’d like to see featured on Complete Running, please let me know about it..  I’m always looking for new content and interesting websites to visit.

Finally, keep your eyes open for exciting changes at Complete Running! I’ve been lucky enough to have a hand in some of the changes and let me tell you – it’s gonna be great!




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