Lunch run today… (13 of 30)

Great run at lunch today.  The weather was beautiful (low 70’s) and this was my FIRST run outside of the spring.  All winter long I have been stuck behind the bars of a treadmill, today I was able to break free!  Here are the details from my Polar F6:

  • Time: 43:40
  • Calories: 758 (20% fat)
  • Max HR: 186 bpm (99%)
  • Avg HR: 172 bpm (92%)

Here is my route via

Here is my entry at

On a totally different note, here is the book I am currently reading:


Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide

I’m hoping to use this as the basis for my marathon training this summer… I’ll do a book review when I am done with it!

Hope you enjoy your day!


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One thought on “Lunch run today… (13 of 30)

  1. Good running route. I did that one in some variation about a million times when I was living downtown. I would recommend not doing this route after dark… that’s when the weirdo’s come out on Boom Island:) I’m going to check out that map feature you’re using… very cool.

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