‘Odd’ Post of the Day (8 of 30)

In an effort to find something different and interesting to write about, I thought today I’d take an opportunity to fill you in on a series of books I have read and really enjoy by Dean Koontz.  This series revolves around the life and adventures (for lack of a better term) of a young man named Odd Thomas.  All of the books are narrated by Odd himself as he describes the various problems, predicaments, and terrifying situations his unique abilities put him in.  Odd is truly the right name for this boy.

Here are the books:

Brother Odd Forever Odd Odd Thomas

You see, Odd can see dead people – I know right now you’re getting flashbacks of The Sixth Sense and in a sense, it’s very similar.  In Odd’s words, he calls them ‘the lingering dead’. They are lingering because they are fearful or hesitant to see what they will find on the other side and are not willing to allow their spirit to pass on to the next life.  Odd sees a variety of dead people, most notably – Elvis, The King of Rock and Roll.  Elvis comes to Odd in a variety of costumes from his various movies and is quite often a needed comic relief in the storyline. 

None of the dead are able to speak to Odd, but they do interact with him and they are able to understand what he is saying.  Quite often, Odd finds himself in the situation of guiding and helping these lingering dead find their way to the other-side by helping them address the issues that are keeping them from moving on.  These make for interesting and captivating side stories along with the main plot of each book.

 In addition to dead people, Odd can also sense and see beings he calls ‘bodachs’.  These are dark spirits that come around anytime there is going to be death and destruction.  The more bodachs, the worse the tragedy will be.  These spirits drive much of the story line by coming around and driving Odd to try to find out what is going to happen and help avert what ever tragedy is coming.  Odd is not your typical hero, but in each of the books, that is what he becomes – whether he likes it or not.

In the end, I love just about any Dean Koontz book  (with the exception of The Taking – what was THAT all about?) and these are no exception.  They are easy to read and very enjoyable.  Go pick up a copy today!


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