Getting Things Done (4 0f 30)

In an effort to better organize my life, complete what I start, and make better use of the limited time I have available to get it all done, I am trying to implement the ‘Getting Things Done’ method of life organization. This process (for lack of a better term) was developed by David Allen – The Productivity Guru – in his book, “Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity”.

So far, all I can really say is that I am learning. And the learning curve is STEEP! This is not an easy process to implement (although I can see the benefit of a complete system) and it is taking considerable time and effort to get IT done – much less anything else. I’m trying to put things in place piece by piece and figure it out as I go along.

The one thing that I have had loads and loads of success with is managing my email. I have gone from literally thousands of email languishing in my inbox to zero. Here is my setup:

@Action Needed
Various Folders for Search

Right now, I have 19 emails in need of action and zero emails in my inbox. Zero. Let me tell you, using this system for managing my email has helped me a ton. Seriously.

The next step is setting up my filing system – both electronic and paper. I have started by going through all of my paper documents and throwing what I don’t need to keep. For the stuff I want to keep, I am creating folders with labels (I bought a labeler – Brother P-80) and starting a system for filing.

My ‘My Documents’ directory on my computer is next – a huge task. I’m looking for ideas on how to tackle this monster and keep things organized. Any ideas? I’m open to suggestion.

Overall, this is a big project, I’m sure I’ll have more to write on it in the next 30 days. You will hear about GTD again.


Aaron – 4 of 30


Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity

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