2006 was not a year filled with fun. Don’t get me wrong, there were occasional highlights; the birth of my 3rd son, a promotion at work, my oldest boy starting kindergarten, running and finishing the Twin Cities Marathon, and another year with my wife and family. All of these things made the rest of the troubled year worthwhile.

I started 2006 with gallbladder surgery in February. Not all that exciting on its own, until you realize that I almost bled to death in the week after the surgery. Evidently poking a hole in your aorta is bad. That little problem required another emergency surgery (my second in a week) and a week in the hospital with blood transfusions and recovery. Once that was done, I realized the gallbladder surgery had also caused an incisional hernia
in my abdomen requiring, you guessed it, another surgery. Three surgeries in about 2 months. On top of everything, I also found out that I have a Bone Cyst on my left femur. Thankfully, that appears to be OK for now.

Like I said, not fun.

So, as you might guess, my top priority for 2007 is putting 2006 behind me. Looking to the future and not looking back. Spending a year injury and surgery free. I’d still take the pain medication however – WEEEEEEEEE!

If you’ve been reading my blog at all recently, you know that I have been spending quite a bit of time in the pool, swimming. I did this for a few reasons, mainly just to keep from running and to give my leg a rest. This has been fun and I love the benefits swimming provides in terms of fitness (I think I’m in better shape today than a month or so ago), I’ve even given some thought to swimming in some Masters swim meets this year. However, in looking back at the past year and all I’ve been through,
I realized that only one thing (outside of my wife and family) kept me going this year – RUNNING.

Running has opened my world to so many wonderful people. I feel truly lucky to have found and been accepted in such a great community of people. In the last few months I have been fortunate enough to write for – a blog dedicated to runners. For me, it’s very exciting and most importantly fun. We have a great group of writers and an even better group of dedicated readers, if you haven’t seen,
please go over there now and look around. If you do frequent the site – thank you – you are helping to make my dreams come true!

Where is this all headed???

Today I ran. I ran and ran and ran. I didn’t run fast nor really all that far, but it was the longest run (both time and distance) since I ran the marathon in October. And I felt great. I felt like I was on running on clouds (really I was on a treadmill) and it was amazing. Running is like a drug – it makes me feel alive. And, with a year like I had, that is quite possibly the best gift 2007 has to offer – a year of running.

Here’s to runnning!

2 thoughts on “Revitalized!

  1. Aaron,You had quite a year and it sounds like a good goal to just put that one behind you.Great news about the running – I’m rooting for you!!!

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