Beginning Swimming Workout #1

I had a pretty good response to my recent article over at, Running and Swimming, The Perfect Combination? So, I thought instead of sending each of you an email with this information, I’d just post it here for all to use. So, here it is…

I’ve used a version of this workout a lot over the last 6 months or so. I really find it’s a good workout and works regardless of the shape you are currently in and it gets all the fundamentals in – kicking, swimming, and pulling. Also, note that all the times are REST times – not swimming times. Make sure you take the rest noted. Start with this and see how it feels – too hard, cut back – too easy, double the main set.

I will be building workouts from this base, and upcoming workouts will be a version of this with a few additions and changes. I’ll try to get out three a week for the next couple of weeks. This should be a good start for you…

***Warm Up***

3 x 100 yards – 1 Swim, 2 Kick, 3 Pull

***Kicking Set***

2 x 50 yards – Kick – 30 sec rest

4 x 25 yards – Kick – 15 sec rest

***Main Set***

2 x 100 yards – Freestyle – 45 sec rest

4 x 50 yards – Freestyle – 30 sec rest

***Pulling Set***

2 x 50 yards – Pull – 30 sec rest

4 x 25 yards – Pull – 15 sec rest

***Cool Down***

1 x 100 yards easy

1200 yards total

I’ve never put together a workout for anyone but myself, so be patient with me. I’d love to hear your comments or feedback on this – let me know what works and what doesn’t. Thanks and good luck! Let me know how it goes!




7 thoughts on “Beginning Swimming Workout #1

  1. I have not updated that chart in a little while – actually quite a while. Also, now it does look like it is broken. I will get it fixed so you can see what I was doing and maybe I will update it with my data from today. As for how I do it, I have a Tanita bodyfat scale. It calculates weight (to the .10 lb), body fat, and body water. It is based on electrical impulse so your water content has a bearing on your body fat calculation – lower body water, higher body fat – higher body water, lower body fat. Even with this it still seems to be pretty accurate.Thanks for the question and I will let you know when I get the page back up!Aaron

  2. Aaron, I did the workout today at lunch, it was perfect for me…took about 35 minutes. I still need to get a pull bouy, so I just did swim for the pull set. I swam a bit on Saturday and I felt pretty good today, but definately out of shape! I plan to swim every other day and off days, do cardio and weights. I even splurged on a heart rate monitor. I am bummed it does not work during a swim workout though. Thanks for the time and effort.Corey

  3. Corey,Thanks for the feedback and I am glad to hear it went well! I know for the first few weeks back in the water I was really, really sore. It does get better. I think the combination of cardio and weights will be really good too. It helps to mix things up a little. I will try to get another workout posted later tonight!Aaron

  4. Heh Aaron. Thanks for posting the workout. However, could you clarify some of it a little bit for this dumb swimming newbie.What is meant by – “1 Swim, 2 Kick, 3 Pull”I know what Freestyle is and am okay with that.I gather that Kick is hanging onto a float and just kicking but I have no idea what Pull is.Thanks.

  5. Sorry I wasn’t clear. There are 3 100 yard “swims” in the set. The first one is swim – freestyle, breaststroke, what ever your want. The second is kick – use a kick board (a yellow or blue floating board like thing) for these. You’re fitness center should have kick boards. The third is Pull – use a Pull-Bouey – it’s a white, foam, floaty thing you put between your legs to help you not kick – just “pull” with your arms.I’ll try to put together a post about hte basics of swimming, terminology, workouts, drills, etc.Thanks!Aaron

  6. Thanks that makes more sense to me now. A basics of the terminolgy would be awesome. I’ve been hitting the pool but now its like learning a whole other language and I just got use to most of the ones from running…lol.Next time at the pool I will try the workout. I know the have the floating things but haven’t seen the Pull-Bouey. Now I just need to convert it to Meters…dang Canadians, eh.

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