Participate in Life!

I have this quote hanging by my desk. I read it almost every day and it helps to keep me motivated and productive. While it was said by Dick Jochums (Coach of the Santa Clara Swim Club) pertaining to sports, I think it is relevant to pretty much everything, everyday.

…those who strive, those who leave nothing on the table, those who will take the risk, will all be winners. Life is truly sweeter for those who truly live it. The world
belongs, and will always belong, to the people who participate. Those who stand on the outside, who never risk, who never fail, cannot now, nor will they ever, understand the beauty of each breath of life. So don’t feel sorry for those who fail, feel sorry for the majority that never participate. They’ll just never understand, let alone feel, all that life can and should be. –Dick Jochums

Are you participating in life?



Gold in the Water: The True Story of Ordinary Men and Their Extraordinary Dream of Olympic Glory

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2 thoughts on “Participate in Life!

  1. Aaron, I can not explain how I found your site, but I have spent the last hour reading it. HOW ARE YOU??? I have to say I am very impressed with you and I see you have had a lot of medical issues to work through. I hope you are doing well. I’d love to touch base with you and catch up, it’s been like 15 years!!! Please float me and email, I could not find yours anywhere.Corey Mosher –

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