Troubling News…

Today I had a follow-up appointment with my Radiologist – that’s right, I have my very own Radiologist – to check on the stent that he placed in my aorta in February 2006. You can read about the whole thing here. Everything from that procedure is fine, no issues, everything looks great. However…

The CT scanologist (or what ever they call people who read CT scans) did notice is that I have a Bone Cyst on my left femur near my hip joint. This is, not coincidentally, also an area I have been having some pain while running. My radiologist told me to follow-up with my primary care physician and see what’s next. If you have no idea what a bone cyst is – I know I didn’t – you
can read about them at the following links:

Mine looks very similar to this one.

I’m not really sure what this means at this point. I’m trying not to panic and think the worst, but it’s hard not to. I guess I just have to follow up and find out – good or bad.

Wish me luck!

***Update!! I had an appointment with my Primary Care Doc yesterday (10/18/06) and he referred me to an Ortho (Bone) doctor for further evaluation. As a bonus, the doc I am going to see is also a sports medicine specialist. Hopefully, I’ll get some good information from her – not till November 3rd however. I’ll keep you posted! ***


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