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I took last week off from running (pretty much.. 😉 and I’m ready to get back to my daily workout. I’m getting ready for a 10K and 5K on October 28th. This looks like a really fun event and I’m looking forward to it. At 8:30am the 10K starts and then at 10:00am the 5K starts – doing both seemed like a good challenge. On top of doing two races in one day, they are both decidedly off road, here is what the course description says:


The 2006 10K and 5K will again be single loop courses run on mostly dirt trails…challenging, yet FAST… though don’t be suprised if you have to traverse through a creek or jump over a
hay bale or 2… in other words, don’t wear the new shoes!

We will wheel and GPS measure the courses before the race to ensure accuracy!

Sounds like fun, eh?

Also, I have pictures from the Twin Cities Marathon up at my flickr site. Take a look at this photoset. I look a lot better than I was feeling… trust me on that.

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