Family Vacation – Day 7 – 07/1/2006

I was going to go on a run this morning, but due to Alex’s restless night – he was up at 11:30pm and then again at 2:00am – I was pretty tired and decided that it wasn’t going to happen this week.  Oh well, what are vacations for if not slacking, right?


On today’s agenda was a trip to the
State Park
which is located about a half an hour north of

Grand Rapids

.  I really wasn’t expecting too much, but was blown away by the mine (this is an open pit mine, not a deep, underground mine) and the scenery.  The bus tour ($9.00 per person) around the mine was great, the tour guide was very personable and informative, and it took up a good chunk of the morning.  While down-time on vacation is nice for adults, it leads to questionable kid behavior
and problems.  This kept us busy for a little while.


After the tour, we headed back to Ruttger’s for a lunch of leftovers and then spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool with Alex.  He is really starting to get to be a strong swimmer and seems to be getting more and more confident in the pool.  He loves the water and just cannot wait to get back to swimming lessons at the YMCA.


For our final dinner at the resort, we headed back to Jake’s – really the only option – and were treated to the best service and food of our trip.  Pretty much everyone at the table had Walleye and we were all really happy with our food.  A great way to end the stay!


Finally, we had another camp fire – albeit small and short lived (the rain last night made things difficult for fire-starter Bob) – and we rested some marshmallows and had smores.  Yummy. Nice. Fun. Memorable.


Till Tomorrow…

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