Family Vacation – Day 6 – 06/30/2006

Once again, no run today, I am a giant slacker. Ahhh, to be on vacation. I’ll pay for my sloth next week

Tom, Bob’s brother and Jen’s Uncle, came down from International Falls this morning to play golf with us. He is an excellent golfer, plays nearly every day, and put us all to shame with our constant hacking. It was a frustrating round, I almost gave up a couple of times, and, in general, it was not as much fun as our round earlier in the week.I’ll attribute that to being a little over tired, the heat (it was hot today), and ready to go home to my own bed.

Once again Jen, the Grandma’s, and the boys spent the morning/afternoon at the pool. They packed a lunch for some poolside dining and seemed to have had a nice afternoon. Alex continues to improve in the pool and David just wants to do anything his big brother does.

After golf and pool time, Jen and I ran into Grand Rapids for some internet connectivity and picked up KFC for dinner. I know, not the healthiest, but come-on, I’m on vacation! We got back to the resort around 5:30pm had dinner and then once again headed to the pool.

No fire tonight, seems like rain and storms moving in. We got the boys to bed early and Jen and I went to a movie – “The Lake House”. It was a little corny and totally unbelievable, but overall a good movie and entertaining. I liked it because it ended how it should have.

It was almost midnight when we got back and we headed to bed…

Till tomorrow…


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