Family Vacation – Day 5 – 06/29/2006

Took today off from running, too much to do! The weather has been great so far and we have kept very busy.

We spent the afternoon at the “Judy Garland Museum/Birthplace” in Grand Rapids. They also have a Children’s Museum attached, so the kids had fun – but, overall, I’d give it a 2 out of 5 stars. Not my cup of tea – I’m not a big Judy Garland/Wizard of Oz fan I guess. For Grand Rapids, that’s about all they have…

Once we were done there, we went to another local attraction – the old school – which is an old schoolhouse converted to retail shops. Again, I was not overly impressed. Oh well, it was still a good afternoon.

Lunch today: McDonald’s. Not my favorite, but the kids had fun at the play land.

More swimming and fun once we got back to Ruttger’s after lunch. Additionally Alex once again headed to the putting green to practice his newest trade – golf. Evidently he is the next Tiger Woods, he needs to get his own set of clubs now. Somehow, my son picked up the habit of needing the right equipment to practice whatever sport he may be into at the minute – he needs soccer gear and swimming gear and baseball gear and now he needs golf gear. Oh yeah, there’s a separate OUTFIT for each sport too…

Another evening, another fire. What a great week…

Till tomorrow…


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