Family Vacation – Day 3 – 06/27/2006

No run today, the morning was still rainy and cold, I decided that every other day was fine to keep me in good shape. In addition, I found another 10 mile loop that I want to run on Friday or Saturday, so I don’t want to push too hard early in the week.

We at breakfast in, which was quick, easy, and good. Jen made pancakes for the boys – Alex ate 6, I guess he was hungry – and I had yogurt and cereal. All in all a good start to the day. After we all got cleaned up, we headed out the Forest History Center.

It was still raining when we left and the Forest History Center proved to be an excellent choice of activities. The center is run by the Minnesota Historical Society and it had a nice visitors center, an interactive, multimedia movie, and a bunch of neat exhibits. It kept the boys out of the rain for a little while and contained. In addition to all that there is also a fully functional logging camp circa 1900 with a full tour. It was really interesting and kept the boys attention.

After the Forest History Center, we all went to lunch in Grand Rapids and then headed back to Ruttger’s. Once we got back to the lodge, the weather cleared and we took Alex to the pool while David took a nap. While it a was a little chilly, we had a lot of fun.

We had dinner – pizza, salad, and chips – and then we down to the lake for a bon-fire and storytelling. David got tired and retired pretty early, but Alex made it until 10:00 pm. He had fun listening to stories and music – the storyteller was nice, entertaining, and a good singer.

After the bon-fire, everyone was ready for bed.

Till tomorrow…


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