Family Vacation – Day 2 – 6/26/2006

I stated Monday with a run and it couldn’t have been better. My mom rode her bike while I ran and it was really nice to have the company. There is a two mile loop that winds around the resort and I made two laps for a total of about 4 miles in just over a half an hour. The sky was crystal clear and the air was fresh and clean, it was really perfect way to start the day.

After breakfast at Jack’s Place – again, the food was good, but the service was lacking – Jen and I headed to Grand Rapids to do some shopping. Nothing special, just the essentials, and a boatload of groceries. While we were doing this, Alex (my 5 year old) and his grandpas rented a boat and went fishing. I’ve been working with Alex on his casting for a week or two and he has been very excited about going fishing.

Jen and I got back at about 1:00 pm and those of us not fishing had lunch. After lunch, we headed down to the pool – David was very excited about this – and went swimming for an hour or so. Alex, Grandpa Larry, and Grandpa Bob got back from fishing at about 2:45 pm and just beat a storm that moved into the area pretty quickly. They had a blast fishing, caught a bunch of fish, didn’t keep any, but took a lot of pictures. For Alex it was memory I’m sure he’ll never forget.

Once the rain started, we spent the remainder of the evening indoors. It had been a long day, so this proved to be OK. We had burgers on the grill for dinner and everyone went to bed relatively early.

Another great day.

Till tomorrow…


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