My First 5K

I had a great weekend. I little stressful at times, but otherwise great.

On Saturday I ran my first organized, competitive (although not too competitive) run. I ran the Challenge Cancer 5K in St. Paul around Como Lake. The run seemed to be well organized, it started on time, and the course was clearly marked. We ran two laps around the lake to make the total 5K. I completed the run in just under 26 minutes (I’m not sure of the exact time). For my first run and considering that I haven’t been running that long, I was very happy with my results. Additionally, I crossed the finish line feeling that I could continue to run further – I think I started a little slow. I didn’t really know what to expect or how fast to go, so I think I was a little conservative. Oh well, it was fun!

I will post a photo from the run later this week.

After my run was done on Saturday, I went home and started installing a new laminate floor in our dining room/kitchen area. It is one of these floating, lock together, wood look floors and I was really apprehensive about putting it in (we’ve had the flooring for almost a year). Once I got started, read the directions, and put down the first row it proved to be really simple and it looks great! I worked on it all day Saturday (from 10 am to 7pm) and again all day on Sunday (from 9am to 5pm) and I was able to get the whole thing finished – with the exception of the base board and quarter round trim. That’s a whole additional weekend.

I’ll take a picture of our new floor and post that also.

This morning (Monday) I’m sore and achy from lifting all that wood. I’m going to do a nice long run over lunch (I’m shooting for 8 miles) and I’m hoping that loosens me up a little and gets me feeling a little better.

Good luck!

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