Great Run Today…

I was back in the gym today after a few days off. On Saturday I had some work to do at the fire station that left me a little too sore and achy to run on Sunday like I was supposed to. That left me feeling a little down because I feel like I really should have gotten up and ran anyhow – it was more of an excuse not to run than an actual reason. Lack of discipline on my part I guess. Sunday afternoon I picked up the most recent edition of Runner’s World magazine and promptly opened to find this quote:

“The pain of discipline is less than the pain of regret.” Attributed to an 83-year-old runner at the finish line of his 25th Honolulu Marathon. Submitted to Runner’s World by Julie Wilcox, via e-mail

Yep, this pretty much explained how I felt all day on Sunday. Monday I knew I wasn’t going to get in a workout due to a packed work schedule. So, today was my first opportunity in a few days to really push myself – and I REALLY pushed hard. I ran for 55 minutes at a 6.3 mph pace – for me this is a solid effort. I’m proud that I was able to make the entire run and I feel great!

I hope you all have a great workout!

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