Music and Healing

A recent article on WebMD pointed to the effects listening to music may have on those who suffer from chronic pain.

A study in June’s Journal of Advanced Nursing shows that adults with chronic pain reported less pain, depression, and disability and felt more empowered after a week of listening to music for an hour a day.

It didn’t matter what kind of music they listened to, the study shows.

To those of us who have been through medical issues, this is not really news. But, it is reassuring to see that the medical community is finding validity in the wonderful effects of music in the healing process. For me I clearly remember shortly after my 2nd surgery in a month, walking on a treadmill, listening to some of my favorite music and smiling. People around me probably thought I was insane, walking on a treadmill with a big wide grin on my face – but really, I couldn’t help it. I felt full of hope and overall happiness. I attribute some of this to the music running through my head, still today it energizes me, makes me bounce in my seat, and gives me a little rush.

I listen to a pretty broad range of music. You can check out some of my music on my site. I haven’t been sending them information as much as I’d like lately, but you’ll see a pretty good overview of what I listen to. Right now, as I type this, I’m listening to Live – Songs from Black Mountain. This is a really good album, full of good rocking tunes with an overall positive feel.

I say, listen to music everyday and you’ll feel just a little bit better. Find something you like and can relate to, to me lyrics are as important as the overall sound. I like music that speaks to me, that I can relate to on a personal level. That might mean that sometimes I need some angry, aggressive music (like Linkin Park for example) while other times I want something more low key and easy to listen to (maybe some JoshGroban). Overall, music makes me feel better. How about you?

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