Chicago Marathon…

Having never run a marathon before and being moderatly limited in my exposure to organized running events, I can’t really imagine what running with 40,000 other people must be like. I am running the Twin Cities Marathon in October and that is limited at 10,000 and even that seems like a lot of people.

Here is some information from a recent post on

CHICAGO (May 26, 2006) The 2006 LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon reached its 40,000 participant cap today and has officially closed registration sooner than ever nearly five months in advance of the October 22 Race. A limited number of entries are still available to runners through the 60 charities affiliated with the 2006 Marathon. International runners can access a limited number of entries through several tour partners. Registration for this year’s event closed two months earlier than it did for last year’s LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon.

Cool Running :: LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon Closes Registration

If you are running the Chicago Marathon – good luck! I hope all goes well for you, it truly does sound like a lot of fun!

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