I found this interesting review of the X-Bike on Wired News (via Uber Review) and it looked really interesting to me.  If you go to the X-bike
web site
, you’ll see a short video of how this thing actually works.  Basically, the premise is that the X-Bike more closely mimics the actual workout achieved from riding a bike on the road vs. a stationary bike.  The X-bike has revolutionary handlebars that actually rock and roll with the rider much the same way a road bike will bend and flex as the rider exerts force on the pedals.  The tension in the handlebars can be adjusted for the rider and the bike comes in multiple sizes for
different riders.

For about the last year or so I have been going to Spin class (indoor group cycling) at my local YMCA a couple of times a week.  I have thought for a while that a real road feel is one thing that the spin bikes lack.  They are almost too smooth and stable.  This solves that problem, it forces you to use your trunk a little more to provide upper body stability because it’s not built in to the bike.  It also allows the work you do on your trainer to transition a little better to the road. 
Bottom-line, your workouts will be more useful and provide a better base for real road riding.

Without actually riding it, I can’t say for sure that it really feels like the road, but judging by the pictures and video I’d have to say that they are at least on the right track.  I’d love to get my hands on one of these and use it for a while, but at $2,100 I doubt that I’m going to be riding one anytime soon.  From the X-Bike web site:

A single piece of cardio equipment that will satisfy all your personal training needs, keep you immersed and engaged while improving your fitness and above all, coming back for more.

The total-body X-Bike is the only indoor cycle that incorporates Trixter’s patented X-Bars handlebar mechanism that allows the rider to engage the upper body and core musculature along with the legs cardiovascular system. This total-body workout provides substantially improved fitness benefits while bringing the natural movements of outdoors cycling indoors.  

The handlebar movement also promotes improved balance and coordination functions further enhancing the effectiveness of regular X-Bike rides.

Another difference between the X-Bike and traditional spin or stationary bike is that the X-Bike proves 32  gear shifting (rather than a typical tension dial) for different levels of resistance as well as a freewheeling drive train.  This is a complete 180 from typical spin bikes which are fixed wheel – if you stop the wheel stops – and this again seems much more realistic and true to road riding. 

Very cool indeed!

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