Really cool new site for searching blogs, finding people with similar interests, finding new and interesting content, helping promote blogs in general, and overall just interesting.  They have been super responsive to problems and very open to suggestions or new ideas.  I think this may go places…

Check out MyDirectory at RawSugar.com.  You can see what I have been up to, what I’m interested in, how I tag items, and get a sense of the power of RawSugar. In addition to the blog content integration, RawSugar also allows users to import their social bookmarks from a variety of sources (I use the del.icio.us
integration) and it works really well.

Additionally, take a look a the guided search functionality provided by RawSugar for my site.  I have a new ‘RawSugar Search’ section in my sidebar.  Check it out! It’s really slick, doesn’t take you away from my site, and provides a solid AJAX interface.  Really very nice and very well done. 

Take a look and you’ll get hooked.

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2 thoughts on “RawSugar.com

  1. Hi Aaron, Thanks for the kind words. My name is Chris and I work here at RawSugar. Also thanks for putting RS guided search on your blog. It looks (and works, of course) great!! We are looking for more bloggers to adapt our technology and put RSGS (RawSugar Guided Search) on their blogs too!!! So tell your friends!

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