Websites put workouts in your home

This is an interesting article from the website. I haven’t really had a chance to check out any of the websites they listed but from this:

SlimTree offers about 30 streaming workouts from Pilates to martial arts and frequently adds new ones.

Singh, who would not disclose customer numbers for his 8-month-old website, says plans range from about $4 a week for six weeks to about $8 a month for a year. The videos are 10 to 30 minutes.

DemandFitness says it has about 100 customers accessing more than 80 workout choices from fitness ballet to aerobics. Plans range from about $15 a month to a day pass for 99 cents. New classes are often added, including niche areas like yoga for overweight people.

It seems like the prices are fairly reasonable. Here are the sites that the article discusses:

Cool idea, I’d like to see this kind of service really take off.

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One thought on “Websites put workouts in your home

  1. Online Fitness Videos are great for stay at home mom’s like me. There is another cool site that has over 160 online fitness videos called DemandSports – – they have ab workouts, yoga classes, pilates classes, and more! Also, if you are in college like my niece, they are perfect for dorm rooms too! Great blog. Keep up the great work!

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