Wierd… but cool?

I recently read a blog post about these new ‘shoes’ going on the market by Vibram.  You can find details on them here: Vibram
.  These are perhaps the oddest thing I have ever seen in footwear and yet, I am oddly intrigued by them, 

First of all, I just can’t help but look.   It’s like a bad accident, you want to just keep on driving, but you have to look.  They are just so… odd. Second, I find myself wondering what they feel like.  Does it really feel like running barefoot? Last, I can’t help but think that people would stare.  Good or bad, I’m not sure – depends on what you are looking for.  These are little ‘out there’…

For the record, Vibram makes the best soles out there.  Every pair of hiking boots I have had have had Vibram soles.  They last forever, have great traction, and come on most of the quality footwear out there.

I’d love to give these a try – just to see what they look like on my feet!  (If you are from Vibram and want to send me a pair, I’d be glad to post a review here.  I wear a 10 and a half.)


One thought on “Wierd… but cool?

  1. Fascinating concept and not terribly expensive. I don’t anticipate seeing a pair at my local shoe warehouse to do a test drive though so hopefully you will wind up acquiring a pair for review. At the very least if they are definite attention-getters.

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