Meditiation & Music and Surgery Recovery

A recent article on WebMD titled “Music may Help Soothe Surgery Pain”  caught my attention tonight.  Although brief, the article references a study that  may show a link between music and lower pain levels after surgery.  

With a surgery coming up in just a couple of days, this is really interesting to me.  I was planning on bringing my Creative Micro anyhow, but now I have a reason to bring it. I’m going to do whatever my Doctor tells me to do, but anything that can help me with a speedy recovery is welcome news to me. 

Any thoughts?

On another different, yet similar note, I found this on meditation and health.  This post briefly outlines what most of us all ready know, meditation makes you feel better.  But, and perhaps more importantly, it actually provides measurable improvements in some patients. 

I can really see a link between music, meditation, and healing.  I can’t help but believe that the combination of music and meditation after surgery would help in healing – perhaps reducing pain, perhaps speeding healing.  Who knows?  I know that many times music calms me, makes me feel better, and improves my clarity. 

I guess I need to learn how to meditate


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