One of my Favorites…

One of my favorite IT related blogs is Creating Passionate Users.  The main author of the blog, Kathy Sierra, writes frequently about a variety of different topics and this
on exercise caught my attention.  Kathy always seems to find an interesting angle and twist to everything and this is no different. 

The part of the post that really caught my attention and made me think was this,

The one thing that usually does not happen is the kind of physical exuberance–the sheer joy of being able to run and jump–that so many other animals do. Where did we lose that overpowering desire to run and jump?

What an increadably powerful, thought provoking, and simple question. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer. Where did we lose the enjoyment of exercise, the thrill of fitness, the fun in the run?  Maybe, as humans, we have never had it.  Maybe its never been fun, enjoyable, or exilerating to exercise.  I’ve got the cartoon bubble of the caveman, chasing down a meal, thinking, “I hate running. I hate running. Slow down you stupid antelope.”, or in caveman speak,
“grog, grog, doh, ug uggga”. 

How can we overcome this and be an animal?  I want to be the horse.  I want to go out there and run and LOVE IT! I want to find the “sheer joy of being able to run and jump”.  Is it even possible?


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