Happy Easter!

Spring is definitely in the air. On top of the last few days being in the 70’s and 80’s, today is Easter and, to me, this really marks the official start to spring. The robins have returned , the trees are starting to get little green buds, and the grass is growing ever closer to needing a cut. Yes, it has been really, really nice around here the last few days. The sun has been out and everything is warming up. The long, cold winter is at last behind

With that, I’m re-dedicating myself to my workout regimen, I’m going to work to ensure that I get in 4 or 5 workouts a week and that they are quality, solid, and efficient. I’m going to put together a plan and stick to it. I want to run 4 days a week. I think the schedule I have worked out puts me into the following cycle:

  • Monday: Swim
  • Tuesday: Run (Short)
  • Wednesday: Run (Medium)
  • Thursday: Bike
  • Friday: Run (Medium)
  • Saturday: Off
  • Sunday: Run (Long)

I figured this schedule out to allow me to do some cross training and still allow me enough time to train for the upcoming Twin Cities Marathon. This will be my first marathon and I’m really looking forward to it. Also, I just found out today that my cousins are also running it, so that should make it even more fun. Jen, my wife, doesn’t really think t hat I have time to train for such an event. I’m out – in her fashion – to prove her wrong. The additional
benefit to this schedule is that, if I want to, I could do a short triathlon some time this summer. I was looking at the North Mankato triathlon, but we’ll be on vacation that weekend. So, I’m looking for another tri to do on a different weekend. If you know of a good short course tri this summer, let me know.

Finally, I am continuing to use this blog to test the beta version of Ecto. So, in all probability , you will see funny little things like odd line breaks or maybe other things. That’s OK. Ecto is a great tool and I’m more than happy with it, so I am more than willing to help them test their product. They have been very responsive to my bugs and all in all are doing a great job.


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2 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. ABSOLUTELY NOT! No way are you training for a marathon. We have a new baby on the way and with everything else you want to do this summer, there is no way you are going to train for a marathon. Prove me wrong or not. It’s not happening!Your loving wife.

  2. […] Finally, as I’ve said in previous posts – I want to run the Twin Cities Marathon on October 1, 2006.  With my recent health issues, my busy schedule, my wife’s less than excited attitude, and my 3 kids, I figure I have loads to write about.  So, I will post my progress here – I will start with my rehabilitation after hernia surgery, move on to early training progress, long Sunday morning runs, and end with a celebratory post along with my marathon finish picture.  Hopefully. […]

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