Workout Update

Well, on Sunday night I predicted that I would be able to get in three or four workout this week – looks like I’ll be able to make three.  Monday I went swimming for the first time in 6 weeks (more on that later), Tuesday and Wednesday I was locked up in the meeting prison, Thursday I went to spin class, and today (Friday) I’m going to spend some time on the elliptical machine.  So, all things considered, not a bad week.  Hopefully next week I’ll be able to be even
more consistent .  I really do feel better after a good workout. 

Monday’s swim was a bit of a bummer.  I haven’t been in the pool since before my Gallbladder surgery debacle and I was really looking forward to getting back in the water an getting in a solid workout.  My 200 yard warm-up was great.  I felt good, strong, fit, and fast (I got a new Speedo!).  After my warm up I started my 100 pull – 100 kick – 100 swim set.  I do this cycle 3 times (usually).  Unfortunately, half way through my hernia started acting
up and bothering me.  Going in to my workout I really didn’t anticipate any issues with it, swimming is low impact and I figured I would be fine.  However, that didn’t prove to be true.  After two sets, I called it quits, did a 200 yard cool down and got out.  That put me at 1000 yards for the day and also added swimming as another activity I cannot do with this incisional hernia in my abdomen.  I’m so looking forward to getting it fixed!

Thursday I went to spin class and had a great workout.  No problems, felt good.  Here are the details:

  • Time: 54:07
  • Calories: 596
  • Max Heart Rate: 177 (94%)
  • Average Heart Rate: 138 (73%)

Finally, I got a date for my hernia repair.  I will be getting my little friend fixed on April 25, 2006.  I’m just waiting for the scheduler to call me back with a time for me to be at the hospital.  As far as I know – I’m sure I’ll get more details later – the procedure will be performed open and my surgeon will be putting in a fabric mesh of some sort to help hold everything together.  I’m not getting anything else done, just the hernia repair.  From the sound of things,
I should be in the hospital overnight and be out the next day.  I’ll post more on this as I get further details.

Oh yeah, I also have a spreadsheet of my weight, body fat, and water that I have been tracking since the beginning of the month.  I’ll try to figure out a good place to post a link and get the page up.  I’ll let you know when it’s ready to go.

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