Status Update

Last week was not a good week for workouts.  As I discussed in an earlier post, I was not able to workout last week due a chronic on set of meeting overload.  That has passed and it looks like, if everything goes well, I should have a much better week this week.  As first glance, it looks like I should be able to make at least three of the five days – that’s pretty good.  Additionally, I need to find time on the weekends to workout.  I’m not sure
what I want to do over the weekend, especially considering I can’t run right now – more on that a little later. 

In one of the more recent Runner’s World magazine issues, there was an article about using
resistance bands for workouts.  This is very interesting to me.  I like it because there is very little cash necessary to get started – I found what I need to get started for about $30.00 on-line at – and it’s easy to do with limited space.  You get the general idea of what the workouts are all about with the picture to the left.  There are dozens of variations on this general theme.  I kind of
think the bench is optional, I figure I could get by with a chair or a table of some sort that would do the same thing.  Of course, if I find I like it, it may be worth while to get a small, sturdy bench for home use.

Finally, I had my 1 year check-up with my surgeon last week.  Things went very well.  In addition to him being very impressed with my progress and showing me a picture of me from last year that nearly made my jaw drop on the floor, he also diagnosed me with an incisional hernia.  So, one more thing I need to get taken care of.  He is submitting the repair to my insurance company for approval and then I should be good to go.  Oh yeah, along with the hernia repair he is also
trying to get a tummy tuck approved.  Yea for me!  This would get rid of all the extra skin I have hanging down from my old belly.  It would be nice and much more comfortable to get rid of this. 


One thought on “Status Update

  1. Good job sticking to an exercise program. Too many people start working out only to find convenient excuses to quit. It’s always great to see people taking charge of their bodies and not giving in to the easy way out.Also, I’m sure it doesn’t need to be said but careful about overexerting yourself. I’ve thankfully never experienced a hernia and from everything I’ve heard I have a lot to be thankful for that.

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