Mystery Photo

The following is a short story (Nickerblog. It is mostly fiction with a little dose of fact built in. This is really one of my first attempts at writing fiction. I hope it comes across well…

Excitement raced through the streets of Boston. The Pittsburgh Pirates were in town for a three game match up and the rivalry was building. On top of everything, the Pirates were once again lodging in our hotel. Before the Pirates even arrived in town, father and I had posed for a picture for the Herald. The photographer told us they were doing a feature on the baseball game and needed a photo of the hotel that the team would be staying in for the next three days. In reality, the Herald was hoping for the same kind of excitement the Pirates brought to town last year. Father and I spent the morning desperately hoping for the opposite.

Almost exactly one year ago, in August 1919, the Pirates came to town for two games and they stayed in our little hotel. This was the first time father and I had a professional baseball team stay in the hotel and we had no idea what to expect. We were excited, nervous, and totally unprepared for what awaited us. The booze, the women, the ego filled players, and the fact that the Pirates were having a winning season were more than our little hotel could contain. The team’s excitement eventually spilled out into the street, the police were called, several fires were started, windows were broken, and general rioting broke out. By the time the sun rose, two buildings were nothing more than ashes, half of Pittsburgh’s starting line-up was in the local jail and two others were in the hospital. What a night.

This year would be different. This year we knew what to expect. This year we would cross our fingers and pray that everything went smoothly. There was really nothing more we could do.

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