Workout for 03/28/2006

Today I went to spin class. Had a great workout, pushed myself pretty hard and I felt OK. I’m still clearly not back to where I was. For one, I feel like I’m working super hard at lower heart rates than prior to all my health issues. I think what that means is that my VO2 max has dropped. That’s what happens when you are not able to really workout hard for a few weeks. I recently read a study that claimed for every week of inactivity, it take two weeks of solid activity to get back to your prior level of fitness. If this is true I figure I have about 6 weeks of solid rehab just to get back where I was before my first Gallbladder surgery. I think I’m on about week two of the six. It’s a long road…

  • Exercise Time: 55:00 minutes
  • Calories: 617
  • Max HR: 172
  • Avg HR: 138
  • Distance: 9.1 miles

Overall, pretty good numbers. In the next few weeks, I really need to concentrate on improving my diet and finding a way to get vegetables included in my diet. This is really important if I’m going to be successful and keep my weight off long term.

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